This website runs on top of Github Pages. This is the third iteration on a personal website. I think the only thing that stayed the same was my focus on “Usability first”.

So far I’ve had the following:


The first iteration was hosted on a friend’s vServer and I was pretty content with it. It was hand-coded HTML in Notepad and then processed by PHP for some include stuff like menus. If I find the time, I’ll upload that one to here. It was pretty shitty but I loved it at the time. I could finally show all my achievements to the world ;)


Lessons learned:

2009: The Review Geek

Based on my new knowledge of PHP I built a site dedicated to reviews. It wasn’t that successful, judging from the number of reviews (3, in total) and the name was stolen from the Angry Video Game Nerd ;)

It was pretty fun though because I could learn from old mistakes. For the fun of it, here’s an archived, fully working copy

2013-2015 #1

This site was built after having had a PHP course. I already knew at that time that PHP was pretty shitty but I didn’t want to learn Rails yet. It was pretty good but I soon hit the limitations of pure PHP and it was too late to switch it to a proper framework. I already had custom functions for everything (I’ll post that too maybe).


What I liked:

Lessons learned:


My WordPress blog. Now hosted on WordPress’s own site so I don’t have to care about it anymore. I quite like the current state and it’s a good way to get content out to people since it integrates quite well into FB and Twitter.

2016 #2

After having dumped my PHP site because I was not maintaining it anymore, I didn’t think of having one anymore. I already started my side project, the blog, and that was running pretty fine. There still were some links around to my actual website and I thought, let’s give it a try.

I wanted to do this in a modern style, so I got current tools and did it the proper way. I did reuse some stuff though, like the online tools I wrote (only reused the idea though) and I still like Bootstrap. I went for Material Design this time though.

The only thing I gave up is an actual backend. I have to prepare everything or let the client do it, so I gotta think of other ways to do things sometimes. But I got around that pretty soon and I actually like the clear distinction better


Lessons learned:


This section won’t list much current stuff since it’ll only get outdated. A few things about me:

I think the best source for current information about me is LinkedIn.